Garageband For Windows 10/11/7 PC Download (2022)

Garageband is an asset for music lovers. With this free to use app, users can create and edit music on their Mac easily. It allows musicians worldwide to play, mix, and record their songs to create the perfect track. To boost your music experience, there are various instrument options available, such as keyboards and synthesizers. Regardless of your expertise level, you can create top-quality recordings on your phone and PC. Moreover, its simplicity and functionality have made it extremely popular among musicians. It is currently only available for Apple devices. GarageBand can still be downloaded for Windows.

Name  GarageBand For Windows
Compatibility Windows 11/10/8/7
Size 40 MB
RAM 4 GB or Above
Minimum Disk Space 2 GB
Bug Test  Passed (No issues detected)

How To Download Garageband For Windows?

Using an emulator is the most popular and widely used method to install Garageband for Windows. Make sure to install an iOS emulator. Android emulators don’t support Apple applications. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing Garageband using LDPlayer, one of the best emulators available. 

  • Download LDPlayer from its official site or Chrome web store. It downloads as a compressed file; you need to extract it using unzip software such as Winrar or 7 Zip.
  • After extracting, you’ll find the installation software application.
  • Run the software to install the LDPlayer on your PC. 
  • Open the app after installation and launch the app store.
  • Search for Garageband in the app store, and you can find the app in the top search results. 
  • Download and install the app to get Garageband Windows 10 running.

Download Garageband on PC Using Virtual Machine

You can download Garageband via a virtual machine if you don’t want to install an emulator. But it is a less effective and a bit harder method. A virtual machine is software that allows access to multiple iOS software on a single PC. The Garageband application is available for macOS only; start with installing macOS on your PC. 


  1. The system should be 64-bit with a minimum of 4GB RAM.
  2. Install a virtual machine (VMware workstation recommended).
  3. Download the latest version of Mac OS High Sierra. 

You can proceed further after setting these three things.

  • Run the VMware workstation app and install the application. 
  • To launch VMware Workstation, click on the icon.
  • After opening, click on the load workspace option and select macOS downloaded recently.
  • The virtual machine will now install macOS. It may take a while, and installation time will depend upon your PC specifications. 
  • If the Apple logo appears at boot time, you can be sure that you’ve successfully installed macOS. 
  • Load the workspace and go to the macOS app store to install Garageband on your PC.

Key Features of Garageband

Record Multiple Tracks

Garageband is known for its ability to record multiple audio tracks simultaneously. While reviewing the multitrack features, Garageband outperformed many similar apps on the app store. Its recording format offers a lot of flexibility for recording multiple devices simultaneously. By matching the right equipment to the right instrument, your ability to produce audio naturally increases.

Make Music without an Instrument

Plug in your mic or guitar, and you can select your favorite realistic effect from multiple options. In addition, you can enjoy highly human-sounding drum sounds. Connect your guitar or mic and start singing.

The Session Drummer

The drummer feature in Garageband for Windows makes it possible to create virtual sessions. There are top-notch session drummers and recording engineers to ensure your ultimate experience. From the groove to the visual controls of the drummer, Garageband software allows control over all aspects of the song. The drums will play when you touch them with two fingers. You can control the beat frequency by changing the distance between your fingers.  


These are an integral part of the audio software. Sampler uses a microphone to record a sound and a keyboard to play back. A big red “start” button will start recording. After recording the audio, you can make the required changes, such as cutting, looping, or tweaking it. 

Record without Limits

Enjoy the freedom of recording and tuning any song on your device anytime. You can also record as furthermore as you like without limits.


Garageband for PC is easy to use and has a simple interface. You can add flavor to your recordings with various pre-recorded tunes. It lets you to control the volume, pitch, and density. You can find useful tutorials on how to operate this app.

Accessibility Tools

Garageband has integrations with social platforms, and you can share your recordings with just a tap of a button. Multiple languages make the app easier to use and understand for people worldwide. 

GarageBand Alternatives For Windows

Audio Tool

Audio Tool is another easy way to make music online. It is an excellent online music production studio and a viable app like Garageband. Audio Tool is one of the most frequently used applications to compose music on PC. With its social media integrations, you can upload your tracks directly to YouTube, Facebook, or SoundCloud. 

MPC Beats by Akai

The MPC Beats offers a wide range of features such as AU and VST support, multitrack recording, and multitrack editing. To enjoy its multiple features, you can use MPC Akai as a plugin with any fully licensed version of any DAW. With its free features and ability to control grooves and make beats, it is a great application. 

Ableton Live

With Ableton Live, music-making is an exciting and yet fruitful process. From songwriting to composing, to remixing, to live performances, and to recording, it assists you along the way. Its real-time editing features, excellent flow, and flexible performance options make it a favorite among live performers. 


Is Garageband software free to use?

Yes! the Garageband app is free to use. You can make in-app purchases that don’t cost much to access more features.

What are the requirements to use GarageBand for Windows 10/8/7?

Garageband for Windows requires that your system has at least Windows 7 installed. Other requirements are a minimum of 4GB RAM and an Intel i5 or Ryzen 7 processor.  

What don’t file formats work on GarageBand?

Garageband does not support file formats such as MP3, Wave, AAC, and AIFF. To use such formats, you will need to convert them using external software.

Can I use Garageband for professional recordings?

When it comes to professional recording, Garageband for PC offers multiple options. The toolkit includes all the tools necessary for professional recording. Also, users can play an electronic MIDI keyboard without a physical keyboard.


Garageband is a fully-fledged music studio allowing users to create and edit music on their Mac. It serves as a great music recording app for beginners as well as professionals. Though its official version is available only in Apple App stores. However, Windows users can also download Garageband using emulators. Alternatively, some other apps such as MPC Beats by Akai, Audio Tool, and Ableton Live also offer similar features. Whether you are a music producer or audio content creator, Garageband can take your music production to the next level.

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