GoodNotes For Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download [2023]

What is GoodNotes?

GoodNotes is an application to read and write PDF files. It is a customizable software that allows you to transfer notes from your iPhone, iPad, and iCloud to android. Using GoodNotes, you can take quick notes and organize your documents digitally. With hundreds of pre-made templates available, this application is free for Windows PC. The template categories include homework, meetings, and letters to help you quickly enter any notes. You can save your digital papers in the library and access them anytime. The application is safe and secure. The GoodNotes app for windows is the best option if you want to take your work anywhere.

Systems Requirements

Name  GoodNotes For Windows
Compatibility Windows 7 or later
Size 513 MB
Bug Test  Passed (No issues detected)
License Type Free

With the rise of digital technology, GoodNotes has replaced traditional paper documents. Most people have started using this application regularly due to its versatility. While talking about PCs, you can’t install it directly on the PC. There are two popular ways to install GoodNotes on Windows PC.

Download & Install GoodNotes For Windows Using VirtualBox

A direct download of GoodNotes 5 for windows is unavailable in the Chrome Webstore. You’ll need to download an emulator to load the macOS on the virtual machine of your Windows system. You can download a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Here are the simple steps to download GoodNotes for PC.

VirtualBox Download Page

  • Download 64-bit VirtualBox on Windows PC and install it.
  • Execute codes flawlessly to create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox.
  • Start running the virtual machine and mount the GoodNotes .dmg file.
  • Install GoodNotes 5 from the virtual machine on the PC.
  • Create your new account on GoodNotes.
  • Download GoodNotes for Windows using BlueStacks

Download & Install GoodNotes For Windows Using BlueStacks

Another popular way to run GoodNotes on Windows is through the BlueStacks Android emulator. With BlueStacks, you can run all Android apps on your computer. If you’re uncomfortable using VirtualBox, it is the more straightforward way to use android applications on your computer. Follow the following steps to install GoodNotes Windows using Bluestacks.

BlueStacks Download Page

  • BlueStacks is available on the google chrome app store. Download and install BlueStacks on your Windows PC.
  • Start the BlueStacks app player on your PC, and go to its Google Play Store.
  • Search and install GoodNotes from your Play Store, just like any android app.
  • Launch the GoodNotes app in BlueStacks and create an account.

Using these two methods, you can install and use the GoodNotes app for your Windows. Both effectively complete the installation process, and both work great. You can choose one that suits your preferences and technical skills.

Key Features of GoodNotes

1. Attractive and All-Purpose Note Templates:

As templates are available for any occasion, you can choose one to start taking notes quickly. Be it a meeting, lecture, or shopping list, you can find templates for each.

The templates have attractive cover pages which make you readable and presentable in minutes. If you want to add your templates, you can import templates to work on them.

2. Multimedia Options:

You can incorporate images into your notes with multiple multimedia options and Image Tool. Editing options help crop and resize your image to fit your notes perfectly.

TextBox Tool has a wide range of handwriting and font styles available. You can enhance the aesthetics of your text with attractive text in different sizes, colors, and types.

With Shape Tool, you can draw various shapes. You can then resize and move the shapes using the Lasso Tool in your document.

3. Smart Search to Access Your Notes Easily:

There is an enhanced search toolbar in GoodNotes. You can search and find all your stored notes in the library. The search is based on scanning the texts from your searches and matching the words to file text.

After opening the note file, you can search for anything quickly and easily. With intelligent search tools, you can move to a particular file section.

4. PDF Annotation:

An import tool helps you import any PDF or document to your notes. You can import any pdf files without exiting the application.

5. Import & Export Files:

If you want to add any document or multimedia file from a browser, you can import them directly from a browser. This feature helps when you want to attach reference articles to validate your notes.

GoodNotes is integrated with various third-party applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. So, you can share notes from the app directly to any other platform.

6. Document Management:

One of the most significant features of GoodNotes for Mac is its imperative document management. There are options to create files, folders, and sub-folders. You can arrange your notes according to categories and can access them easily.

The users can create a “Favourites” folder to add their frequently used documents. You can add your high-priority documents to it. 

7. Pen-up Mode:

While using a digital pen or stylus for taking notes, you can benefit from the Pen-up mode of the GoodNotes app for windows 10. You can smoothly scroll across the documents without leaving pen marks on scrolling.

8. Take Notes Lightning Fast using QuickNote:

If you want to note something in a hurry, the QuickNote tool is one of the most helpful features of GoodNotes. You can double-tap to open a new document and start writing on it. You can save or discard it later.

Alternatives to GoodNotes for Windows

While talking about apps like GoodNotes, there can be applications such as OneNote, Easy Notes, and Evernote. These applications have multiple features to take notes quickly. Still, GoodNotes is most popular among users for its versatile and user-friendly features. Some advanced features of GoodNotes, such as document management and pen-up support, are unavailable in other apps. If you’re looking for the best app for taking notes, GoodNotes for PC is a good choice. All apps are doing better for a specific purpose; you can choose any of them according to your needs. 

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote allows you to take notes on your mobile phones and synchronize them across multiple devices. You can search note titles easily and access them quickly. OneNote syncs across all of your devices so various people can work on content at the same time.

2. Easy Notes

With the Easy Notes android app, you can quickly note everything. It allows you to create colorful notes and checklists to track tasks and existence. Users can add images and audio content to their messages and save them on their device storage.

3. Evernote

Evernote has a simple interface that allows users to take notes, audio, and photos. The free version of the Evernote app works well for taking notes. You can enjoy multiple synchronizations and note-taking features on the paid version. 


Does GoodNotes for PC need an Internet Connection?

No, once you install GoodNotes for Mac or Windows, you can work on it without internet availability. 

Is the GoodNotes free or paid?

Most of the GoodNotes features are free to use. But to use advanced features, you need to buy the premium version of the GoodNotes Windows application. 

Can I share GoodNotes notes outside the application?

It has integrations with third-party applications, including Facebook and WhatsApp. You can share or export notes directly with anyone. 

How to manage files in GoodNotes Windows?

There are options to create folders and subfolders. You can create categories to organize your documents. Furthermore, you can also create a “favorite” folder to add essential files.


GoodNotes helps you create a document or sketch idea and save them on your device storage. Its multiple features allow you to secure your notes and even organize them. You can create handwritten documents without any hassle of running out of paper or losing something important. With the advancement of technology, most people are moving to digital platforms. Some apps offer similar functionality and a few features, but GoodNotes is unbeatable. You cannot directly download GoodNotes for windows from the web browser. Our easy guide can help you install GoodNotes for Windows and Mac without issues.

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