Procreate For Windows 10/11/7: Free Download in 2023

If you are passionate about graphics and creating unique digital art pieces, procreate is the best app on the market today. The app is a complete package of all the essential features to help you create your best digital art piece. Whether for beginners or experienced professionals, procreate app can cater to any level of expertise. 

Though procreate is not officially available for windows, you can still download and use it on your windows PC by following the steps that’ll be given in this article. It might not be a 1 or 2 step process, but we’ve made it as simple as possible. In the end, we’ll also talk about other apps like procreate for windows if you’d be interested in trying them out. We’ll also get into the description of a few essential features in the procreate app

Name  Procreate For Windows
Compatibility Windows (All Versions)
File Size 598.4 MB
Price Free
Bug Test  Passed (No issues detected)

Download & Install Procreate For Windows Using Bluestacks

Using an emulator is one of the best, most accessible, and safest ways to download procreate on your Windows PC. There are a ton of different emulators on the internet, but not all are safe for your device, so it’s essential for you to be careful when it comes to choosing the correct emulator for the task. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the steps to get procreate for Windows PC by using Bluestacks, which is entirely safe for your device. 

If you have decided to use Bluestacks to procreate for PC, the steps below will help you get through the process. 

BlueStacks Interface

  • The first step is downloading Bluestacks on your device; you can easily do so by clicking the link below. You can likewise look for bluestacks download on Google or any of your favored web search tools.
  • Just as you click on the Bluestacks download link, the download process will start momentarily. Could you wait until it’s completely downloaded? Now, go into your file explorer and search for the Bluestacks file you’ve downloaded. 
  • Double tap on the Bluestacks file.
  • Once you double tap, a setup wizard will appear on the screen. Presently, you need to follow a progression of on-screen guidelines. Assuming every one of the guidelines are kept accurately, the Bluestacks establishment will be finished toward this step’s end.
  • After the Installation is finished, the Bluestacks symbol will show up on your home screen, two fold tap on the symbol to open Bluestacks.
  • At first, it will take some time for the application to open and begin, so have persistence.
    Especially for devices that have lower RAM, this step will take quite a bit. 
  • Now, you’ll find yourself on the home page of Bluestacks. 
  • At this step, you want to login to your Google account in Bluestacks. On the off chance that you don’t have a Google account, make one at this point.
  • After logging in, you’ll find the play store icon on the homepage of Bluestacks; click on it. 
  • In the playstore, look for the application that you might want to download and afterward click on the introduce button.
  • Please wait for the download to be complete, and that’s it; you’re all set to start using the app. 

If you’re facing any issues following the above steps, you can use alternative method:

Go on any search engine of your choice and try to find a credible procreate Apk file. Once you find the app, import it onto Bluestacks. Look at the bottom of your Bluestacks homepage to find the import option. 

Both methods we’ve shown are equally simple to get through, but if you’re choosing to go for an apk file, be careful and choose the right one. 

Attractive Features of Procreate App

  1. Procreate is among the top digital art studios with an ocean of different features. It is practically impossible to talk about them, but we’ll try to go through the important and main ones.
  2. The brush library in procreate is a must-mention; charcoals, pencils, and a plethora of artistic brushes add a special touch to your drawing experience.
  3. You can also customize your brushes according to the kind of strokes you’d like in your art. All you need to do is go to the brush library and start customizing the art brushes to fit your requirements.
  4. When creating good art pieces, mixing and matching different colors is crucial to get the desired outcome. Using generic colors is not fun anymore, so it’s vital that you can play with colors and mix different things to get that perfect shade. And yes, you guessed it right, procreate allows you to do this too. This is a relatively recent feature but a very helpful one at that.
  5. After you are done with creating the digital art piece, choosing the right background color can make one world of a difference, so it’s quite a crucial step. You can use the Color companion and color harmony features to find the right background color to complement your design.

Top 3 Alternatives To Procreate

Installing an emulator and downloading procreate can be too much of a process sometimes. So if you’re not interested in doing all this, you can just go for other drawing programs like procreate for windows to avoid the hassle of an emulator. Here are our top 3 picks:


When it comes to producing high-quality digital art, Assembly does its job to its ultimate best. Unlike procreate, it is available for all operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about installing emulators. If you’re a beginner with absolutely no idea what you’re doing, don’t worry, Assembly has a whole tutorial to help you out. 

Adobe Photoshop Sketch 

Graphite pens, ink pens, and many fun features are available on adobe photoshop sketch. One fantastic thing about this app is that its outputs are smaller in size. This is helpful because you can share your art without compromising the quality. 

Autodesk Sketchbook 

With 16-sector predictive and radial symmetric stroke features and 190 different variations of brushes, and many other features, Autodesk sketchbook is among the top digital art studios. All of this is amazing, but this is the best part, Autodesk sketchbook is entirely free. You don’t have to pay a dime to use all of its features. 


Is procreate officially available for Windows PC?

Ans. No, procreate is not officially available for Windows. But, you can follow the above given steps to free download procreate on Windows. 

Is procreate good for beginners? 

Ans. Yes, it is a perfect app for people just starting, but it would be much better if you stick to the basic features. Diving deep into the advanced stuff can get a little frustrating sometimes. 

Do I have to be good at drawing to use procreate?

Ans. It’s not necessary to be good at drawing to procreate; you can use it even if you’re not that good at drawing. 

Which apps can I use instead of procreating? 

Ans. Getting procreate for PC can be a long process, so here are a few alternative apps you can consider. 

  • Adobe Fresco 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Vectornator and many more such apps 


Procreate is a beautiful app with fascinatingly many features and things to look forward to. Whether you’ve chosen to download procreate on your PC using our steps or maybe chosen another alternative from the list, whatever your choice, we hope that you have a wonderful digital art-making journey. 

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